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If it looks like I’m pissed off, you’re fucking proper I am! The identical Madden NFL 23 that took years to even renowned that there is probably a hyperlink among soccer and CTE continues getting over on human beings via way of means of claiming the mantle of “participant protection.”

As one of the league’s former gamers I’m absolutely over it. If they in reality cared approximately participant protection they might forestall making reactive rule adjustments and solicit enter from the gamers.

Hopefully the Madden NFL 23 stands down on the brand new roughing the passer rule, due to the fact on the price we're going there could be seventy two greater roughing consequences referred to as via way of means of the cease of this season as compared to the remaining. Nobody desires to see that. Some of those calls have already affected the results of video games, as a minimum one participant has been harm, or even a number of the quarterbacks who're cashing in on the calls have pop out towards the guideline of thumb.

But you understand what, even though they do restoration but every other mess they created, no one must overlook the Keystone Kops way wherein the Madden NFL 23 slapped collectively those rule adjustments this beyond offseason. And the subsequent time the league claims to be devoted to participant protection, perhaps be a touch greater skeptical earlier than you purchase that hook, line and sinker.

In This Stream Everything you want to realize approximately the brand new Madden NFL 23 roughing the passer rule How lots greater crucial is a superb offense than an awesome protection withinside the Madden NFL 23? The Madden NFL 23 roughing the passer rule is BS. Just ask a retired shielding cease The Madden NFL 23’s arguable new roughing the passer rule, defined in a three-minute examine View all eleven storiesMadden NFL 23 Power Rankings, Week four: Steelers Slide Into Top Spot After Perfect Start.

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