I have to admit that I haven't jumped into Old School RuneScape for some time

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I have to admit that I haven't jumped into Old School RuneScape for some time. Due to the Shattered League looking to mix up the typical levelling experience, and that sweet experience-gain multiplier which will make the whole game quicker, this might just be what I need to be back in the game.

These leagues have already proven effective in attracting the interest to the old School RuneScape community, with the previous Trailblazer league returning in 2020 bringing in around 170,000 players. We're hoping that the league will succeed as well this time around.

The Shattered League is running from today until March 3. If you've been wanting to return to Old School RuneScape, this is the ideal occasion to do it. If you're looking to jump into Old School RuneScape, let us know your reasons below!

Runescape Outriders and Outriders aren't games that players think of as a pair and so having a Runescape player sign up to r/Outriders be a bit of a shock. But, it did lead to an enjoyable post and interaction between fans of each and/or both games. It all boils down to a single ex-Jagex employee. Jagex Employee: David Osborne, otherwise well-known in the Runescape community as Mod Osborne.

Osborne recently announced on LinkedIn that he's quit Jagex after 15 years of editing content in narrative design, as well as lead design. This was a decision he made according to him, to "test his experience across the industry." Osborne is leaving Jagex and will join Square Enix on the publishing side, where he will be a Senior Designer. He'll oversee "some amazing games" starting with Outriders.

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