the new City eliminates one of 2K21's major upgrades

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In addition, the new City eliminates one of 2K21's major upgrades - removal of load times. Even on PS5, you're going to be waiting for a long time every time you want to exit your house or leave the practice facility. The City is just a clunky experience all around as proof that bigger does NOT always mean better.

Drastically, in my opinion. It's almost like the defensive approach in this game is as strong as it has been in the past. It's easy to glide through the court and not be in the game this year. It's refreshing to see less dramatic contact basketball this year. That was pretty exhausting in 2k21.

Offensively shooting feels slightly more difficult, however, it's due to the enhanced defense, and not the mechanics of the shot meter. The passing ability is phenomenal in this case. The ball is handled with ease. The game has been fun during the short days the game has been playing.

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