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pandora Mystic Florals collection is warms

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pandora Mystic Florals collection is warms

Postautor: Rule » 27 paź 2017, 5:57

my pandora charms black friday Autumn 2014 reviews with an in-depth look at the popular Floral Heart Padlock charm! This charm was one of my day-one purchases from the collection and has quickly become one of the Autumn collection’s iconic pieces – it features the intricate floral motifs that are present in many of the charms, and yet offers a slight twist on that theme which makes it distinctive from the others. The floral patterning is melded with one of Pandora’s popular designs, the heart padlock.

I don’t actually have many warm-toned pieces in my collection – I tend to favour purples, blues and, of course, pinks. Consequently the cheap pandora charms Rose pieces were the only pieces I had to encapsulate the warmer, honey-hued look that Pandora went for in their pictures – the rose gold is perfect as a representation of golden leaves. I was also slightly concerned about both of these things, and I went to my local store fully prepared to be disappointed. However, I was actually pleasantly surprised when I saw the charm in person! It is highly oxidised in its finish, which does give it a darker aesthetic than your typical pandora charms sale clearance silver charm. Despite this, I have found that the light still hits the bright polished outlines of the flowers to create a pretty contrast to the darker detailing, and the overall look isn’t dull or unattractive. I find that, unlike many of Pandora’s designs, it has a certain edge to it – it is not at all cutesy.

But I was a bit stuck for other ideas. It would look gorgeous utilised in designs based on Pandora’s own stylings, combined with other Autumn 2014 pieces that match it for intricacy, such as the Mystic Florals. However, despite how much I am drawn to the lovely intricacy of this charm’s design, when I came to styling it I found myself a little stumped. I knew how I wanted to use it in my personal collection, which was on my pandora black friday clearance Rose bracelet.
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