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r and income

Postautor: tujue » 21 sie 2018, 7:44

In rare cases Logan Cooke Camo Jersey , a unique chemical process can even speed up the process of corrosion, which causes leaks far sooner than would be expected.

There are a number of municipalities in the area that don’t require testing to be done. To date West Vancouver, New West and Surrey are the only ones to have changed their by-laws.

For residents living outside these areas it is still legal to simply remove the tank and sell the property without the risk of having to do prohibitively expensive soil clean-up.

But as more municipalities change their laws to benefit the environment, more homeowners may find themselves in a financial dead-end. People with limited funds to clean up the soil are unable to sell their house to pay the tank removal and soil remediation fees in a first place. As the leaks become apparent they are eventually forced to act which ultimately may lead to bankruptcy.

BC is not the only place with mandatory testing by-laws. Many US cities have the very same regulations, however the Government there often has grants designed to help out individuals with low income should they be required to remove their underground fuel tank or clean up the soil.

Case in point Pennsylvania, Vermont and Wisconsin all have grants for soil remediation and tank removal.

In most cases these grants are offered as a choice to low-income households, but in some cases, that line extends even to households whose combined income reaches as much as $250,000.

Currently there is no incentive in BC for a program of that kind.

Vancouver residents who inherit a property which may have an underground oil tank do have the following options.

Those who live in an area that requires no soil testing, they can simply remove the oil tank and put the property up for sale. Oil is a type of contaminant that is actually eaten up by some bacteria, and while long-lived, it eventually completely disappears from the soil.

The only way to prevent the contamination, a complete oil tank removal is what is needed and required by municipalities and realtors alike – before the property is listed for sale.

In some cases, such as when a part of the tank is under a structure, an owner is allowed to leave the tank in place. Where this is the case the tank must first be emptied of oil, soil samples must be taken from several points around the tank, and if there is no contamination found, the tank can be filled with sand.

However, in municipalities where testing is required, the cost of soil clean-up can be offset by undertaking some of the steps yourself.

Homeowners should make sure that the access to the oil tank is made easy. This saves time for contractor, reducing the cost of tank removal.

Additionally, a homeowner may be able to save money by dealing with the fire department directly and on an occasion, may even be able to fill the cavity left behind by him or herself.

In any case, the best thing to do would be to check for a responsible party for covering the costs of any work. In some cases, homeowners are surprised to discover that a previous owners are the legally responsible party required to cover all costs associated with tank removal and soil remediation.

Garry Leblanc is a environmental consultant and an author that is active in the enviromental protection and oil tank removal safety sector. His current reading recommendations:
Oil Tank Removal Vancouver, Oil Tank Removal


LONDON, Dec. 1 (Xinhua) -- Organizers said on Tuesday the players tested for doping at the Rugby World Cup were all clean.

Nearly 500 doping samples were collected during the Sept. 18-Oct. 31 tournament.

World Rugby announced ""the program has recorded no adverse analytical findings to date.""


A REPORT that China would be relaxing its decades-long family planning policy soon to allow couples with just one spouse from a one-child family to have a second child has been denied by authorities.

The National Health and Family Planning Commission said no new documents mandating such a change had been issued and there was no timetable for the issue of such a policy, the People’s Daily website reported yesterday.

However, the commission said the central government was discussing the issue.

Current policy allows a few exceptions to the one-child rule, such as when both parents are from a one-child family or the first child has a non-inherited disease. In rural areas, couples are allowed to have a second child if the first is a girl.

Caixin had reported that the new policy was expected to be announced after the Third Plenum of the 18th CPC Central Committee, which completed its deliberations on Tuesday.

On Monday, Mao Qun’an, spokesman for the commission, said studies had been done on population size, quality, structure and distribution and the nation would be sticking to its family planning policy for “a long time.”

He said perfecting population policy was an important task for the commission, with the need to keep a low birth rate while considering people’s demands, social and economic development and population structure.

A nationwide follow-up survey on family development is to be launched next year.

The survey will track 30,000 households nationwide.

Topics such as health, parenting, elderly care, gender and income distribution of family members will be polled for a national database.

A pilot survey was launched last week in northeast China’s Liaoning Province.

China’s family planning policy was first introduced in the late 1970s to rein in a surging population. Since then, the nation’s birth rate has dropped to a very low level.

According to the 2010 census, national fertility, or the number of children a woman will deliver in her lifetime, was 1.18, half the global figure and lower than developed countries’ 1.7. In cities, the figure was 0.88.

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