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went to wait for the intersection,

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went to wait for the intersection,

Postautor: ylq » 14 wrz 2018, 8:50

went to wait for the intersection, and it was getting darker. It's raining! The rain hit me like a marble. I opened the umbrella at a speed that was too late for lightning. There are more and more people, and the rain is getting bigger and bigger. This road is so rotten.ddenly, an amazing scene appeared.n old woman in a ragged shirt fell, and the rotten skin on her body was soaked with rain, and the wrinkled face under her gray hair was covered with cockroaches. It is extraordinarily sad!
ever, when I wanted to go up to help her, a man in a suit rushed forward to lift her up. The old woman quickly thanked me. The car is coming, but the location is not enough. So everyone first let the old woman and the man go first Newport 100S, and our group of people watched them get on the bus until they left!Once again, I came to the ice rink Marlboro Red. I looked at the people dancing in the field and felt very excited. As I slipped, I suddenly had a familiar feeling. I remembered the day.t day, I came to the ice rink. Because it was the first time, I was very excited and thought: "I skating rink, I am coming!"anged my shoes and I was caught in a variety of skating techniques as soon as I entered the ice rink! I was shocked. After half a sigh, I came back. I secretly clenched my fist and made up my mind: I must learn to skate!ecause it was the first time, I learned the way others looked Marlboro Gold, holding the handrails of the skating rink, and my feet were forked. Step by step, "Go, I will do it." I encouraged myself and used my eyes. Observe the movements of others, "bend your waist, swing your arms, and you still have these movements, then I will add these actions.", I bent over, one arm swayed, the other hand grabbed the armrest slightly loosened, and the two feet alternately moved forward. I slipped out and said: "This method is so good, this skating is too simple. Ok, then I won't help the armrests!" Who knows that just as soon as I spread it, I fell a big horse. I was very angry. I held my hands together and the result fell again. I grabbed the handrail with both hands. Only stood up. Just I thought: "I skater is not that simple!"er a short break, I once again came to the side of the field and took a deep breath. "This will, I will learn to skate." I entered the practice again, bending all the way, constantly swinging my arms, step by step. I gradually loosened the handrail... I finally learned to draw a straight line. But what about the turn? I went to observe other people, only to see them running halfway along the runway Carton Of Marlboro Reds, leaning forward Newport Cigarettes, leaning back, placing the center of gravity on the left or right leg, and curling the left or right foot. The drop point is on the left side of your left or right foot. After two or three consecutive turns, the bend can turn. I look at the turning motion, thinking about the turning skills, learning the turning posture, after thousands of years, I finally learned Skating. At this point, there seems to be a sweet, cool, cool wind that passes over my heart! The leaves sway in the wind, as if dancing for me; the birds screaming in the air, as if singing for me, screaming in the air, as if congratulating me; the flowers are blooming in the sun, as if blessing me. Honey is as sweet. The sunset glow of the sky reveals a smile, as if sharing our joy; the grass on the side of the road dances in the breeze, as if celebrating for me. My mood is so happy, so happy. is my mood calm down, thinking about the harvest of this skating, I laughed and muttered to myself: "It seems that doing things only where they fall and climb up will succeed."the days that followed, I often remembered this skating. He also let me know that it is the most important thing to do things without persistence. Every time I think about it, there will always be a slight excitement.
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